Chemo #3

I’m so thankful my parents didn’t name me LaQuita Snuffin. Because when you are at the clinic and they call out that name everybody looks up. And LaQuita didn’t look like she was feeling great today.

This morning’s IV experience wasn’t good. The first attempt included fishing around and ended with a big blue hump on my forearm and a “blown” vein. That’s gonna leave a bruise. A different girl tried and successfully got it in the second time. I deserve a piece of turtle cheesecake after that.

I’m doing a good job maintaining my weight, almost to the pound. And the great news is that all my blood counts were up, white, red and platelets. The Neulasta and healthy food is working! I’ll keep getting Neulasta injections the day after each chemo treatment.

So now I’m sitting in the infusion suite with toxic chemicals dripping into me. Two of them get pushed in with a syringe through the IV and it takes 5 minutes each for the syringe pushes. Partway through the second one I noticed my arm was really burning. At first I ignored it because my arm already hurt from the IV fishing expedition and it’s ice cold from the cold chemicals. Then it got worse. I mentioned it to the nurse who was pushing the meds and she unwrapped my arm to look at it. I have a huge bandage with gauze under it from the IVs. There is a big bubble hump on my forearm and it really burns. When she was pushing the meds we think the first IV attempt was in the same vein as the current (2nd) IV and started leaking from the hole created by IV #1. So she stopped, pulled the IV and now I get lucky number three IV. Luckily none of the chemo drugs she was pushing will damage my skin tissue due to the leak.

The third IV worked well. Did I mention that I can never, ever have an IV in my right arm? I had lymph nodes removed  on the right side so all of these IV attempts were between my left elbow and wrist.

While I was having chemo, a second radiologist looked at my previous CT scan and said the lesions on my liver don’t look like metastatic cancer. I wasn’t concerned because my lymph nodes were negative but it was nice to have a second opinion.

The rest of the chemo treatment was uneventful, although I felt a little off by the end. I think it was because I had a headache this morning, but my husband told me my color was a little strange. I also noticed my blood sugar skyrocketing before the treatment even finished. Turning up my insulin pump to 300% the normal basal rate fixed it. I felt a little better after eating lunch but still went home from work early and rested and put cold packs on my arm, which really helped. It looks much better. The ice cream come I had on the way home was well deserved and helped. I don’t remember the last time I had a double scoop. It was probably when I was pregnant with my daughter ten years ago.


Chocolate fudge & chocolate almond in a sugar cone

Today’s cone was a taste test of chocolates. The chocolate almond was even better than the chocolate fudge. By the time I got home I was literally covered in ice cream drips and had to change my clothes and put stain remover all over them. I even had chocolate on the tip of my nose. At 7pm my husband saw my face and asked what what I ate that was brown. Apparently I didn’t get it all.

So overall it’s a good day, excluding the IV issues. 

And thank you, mom and dad, for giving me a normal name.


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