Day 7

The drains came out today! All four of them! It really hurt, he just grabbed all of them and pulled hard. There was about 6 or 7 inches of tubing in me reaching from the center of my chest back to my armpit on each side. It was worth the pain though, I’m free of all the tubes and bulbs! I was expecting to have them in longer. I’m free!


PET Scan Strike Two

This morning I somehow managed to fast, reduce insulin and keep my blood sugars below 200. I finally got pre-approved for the PET scan after the CT scan found two lesions on my liver. All the doctors think it’s unrelated to the breast cancer and likely a side effect of long term birth control pill use, but we still need to check. The full body bone scan was clean.

I waited about 30 minutes and then got checked in and put in a recliner where they were going to start an IV and inject a radioactive glucose tracer. I asked if the drain tubes, insulin pump or continuous glucose monitor were an issue and the tech looked surprised. She had no idea that I had major surgery less than a week ago. She also explained they don’t do PET scans until 4-6 weeks after surgery because it gives a false positive in the areas that are healing.

She spent the next 30 minutes trying to get the oncologist and the radiologist on the phone together. They eventually talked and decided that I shouldn’t have been scheduled for the scan right after surgery.

By that time it was past noon. Fasting meant that I had to skip not only breakfast, but pain meds, too. I was starving, sore and had a migraine.

So I took about 9 pills and told my husband and mom I wanted to eat fish and chips. We went to Dan McGuiness and it was delicious. It was nice to get out of the house, but I did take a long nap when I got home.

I’m wondering if I’ll ever get the PET scan.

Day 5

I took another shower this morning wrapped in Glad Press’N’Seal. Today was my first follow-up with the plastic surgeon. Everything looks good except I have a divot on one side that will be repaired in a future surgery. Dr. A had to move and reattach one of my pectoral muscles and it left a divot. It may improve as I heal and the stitches dissolve.

I was hoping to get at least one drain out, and was excited when the nurse told me drain #2 and drain #3 were ready to come out. But then right before they pulled them she realized that they gave me a NSAID medication. I have to stop taking it 48 hours before they pull the drains because of the risk of bleeding. So the drains have to stay in until Friday. I have a sad face 😦 and still look like the Unabomber in owl pjs.


Day 3

Day 2 went by easily in a hydrocodone induced haze. I took a few naps and watched a lot of TV. I couldn’t read easily because the pain meds and anti nausea meds gave me double vision up close, but my distance vision has been fine.

Now it’s Day 3 and the kids are home with us for their 5th snow day in a week. It’s not even snowing or sleeting outside but it’s fun to have them around. They were both a little hesitant to see me this weekend and surprised that I looked normal, but with smaller breasts. They haven’t seen the drains yet but I’ll show them later today.

My son’s class made me over 20 precious get well cards that he gave me on Saturday. My daughter and her friends made me a huge get well poster that said, “Mommy, I ❤️ you, u are my insparation (inspiration).”

To all of you, thank you for the flowers, food, gifts, prayers and inspirational messages. I feel so loved!

One of the best parts of today has been getting to shower. The doctor told me to wrap my chest in Glad Press-N-Seal like a tube top over the incisions and drains and shower. It worked!

Day 1

It’s less than 12 hours after surgery and I’m up and eating what my husband calls a lumberjack breakfast. Two pancakes, scrambled eggs, applesauce, toast and coffee. He talked me out of the oatmeal.

I woke up last night after surgery to the good news that they removed 4 lymph nodes during surgery and the preliminary biopsy on all of them was negative, all clean! I was also able to go direct to implant instead of expanders. All great news.

They gave me a spinal block to numb my chest before surgery and it will last a couple days. I also have some pain pills. They work well but make me sleepy. I’m really sore but have more mobility than I expected. I took a long walk around the hospital corridors this morning.

I have frankenboobs and one is a bit wonky but the surgeon assured me it will improve. I also have 4 drain tubes with bulbs that collect any fluid buildup. I have to empty them a few times each day. It’s pretty gross.

After seeing both surgeons they released me at lunchtime and we topped at Jimmy John’s on the way home. I still have a good appetite! I think I look pretty good for day one.

Sleeping Beauty

This is my final post for the evening. I finally get to see Beth and she looks great and feels pretty good (all things considered). She is amazing. Thanks again for all of your prayers.

Thank God

I was just told that Beth is going GREAT. Her lymph nodes are NEGATIVE!!! Thank you for all of your prayers.. It worked! It worked! I should get to see her in about two hours.